About Switchbox, Inc

Mobile application development boardsBuilding Better Organizations through Better Software

We have focused on one thing since we started: helping our clients solve their most challenging problems by using technology.  Over the last 12 years we have built a development team that is completely focused on working with clients to understand and then solve the problems they face on a daily basis.  While we do this in a variety of ways one of the most common problems we see is around business automation.  We have built applications to proactively move warehouse inventory based on severe weather, automated security passes for maximum security inmates, delivered new cars to the offices of car accident victims, we even automated the process people used to find each other at amusement parks.  Simply put, we love finding unique ways to make our clients lives easier and their businesses more efficient.

Our primary focus is on Business Process Management and we believe that comes in three forms.  The three pillars we build software and develop website on are Business Automation, Business Optimization and Business Intelligence.  For how those relate to each other see our diagram below.  Or you can check out our Case Studies to learn more about how we build better web applications for our clients.

Business Process Management-Automation-Optimization-Intelligence


One of the best parts of being a software development agency is that you get to work with people anywhere.  Geography doesn't really seem to matter when you are building websites and business software.  However, we love being a local Columbus, OH company and while we have served clients all around the United States the majority of our clients are close to our office.