Web & App Development Services

At our core we build web and mobile applications that make businesses run better.  You would be surprised at how different each solution is.  Below are a few ways we help our clients; feel free to check out our case studies to find some more examples.

We are passionate about helping companies solve their most challenging problems by building custom web applications. Our team takes clients from the initial idea all the way to a final working product and support.  

E-Commerce is becoming a key component for many businesses. While we have built plenty of shopping carts over the years clients typically engage us for more complex needs.  Our solutions range from significant updates to open source e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Spree, to fully customized solutions based exactly on our clients needs.  Our systems often interface directly with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for inventory control and often handle monitoring and handling forms for international customs agencies.  We are willing to recommend the best approach, whether open source, enterprise application, or a fully custom e-commerce platform depending on your organizations online needs.

Business process management (BPM) is a bit art and science.  We work with clients to understand not only what they want to automated with software but why they are doing it in the first place. 

Mobile devices are the Swiss Army Knife of many companies.  We have helped daycare employees use mobile devices to communicate needs with parents, and we have helped nuclear engineers get relevant accurate information when machines fail, and we have proved real time data to employees working in remote locations.

Switchbox prides itself on being a company dedicated to solving problems through the use of technology.

At our core, we’re developers. We navigate complex systems. We mine data. We build functionality. If this was a Keanu Reeves movie, we’d be the guys staring at the Matrix code and smiling because it all makes sense.

And we handle all kinds of code-related issues. We’re well-versed in integrating external software products, creating solutions to link products that can’t - or won’t - play nice together. We’re great at integrating e-commerce transactions, securing medical data and making site management a breeze. 

But where we shine best is in custom software development. You shouldn’t have to extensively modify technology to make it fit your business, and likewise you shouldn’t have to modify your business to fit technology. Custom solutions are built to support your business exactly as you want it to be. And most times, a custom solution costs the same or less than a modified “box” solution.

So what aren’t we? We’re not copywriters. Or visual designers. Or marketing gurus. We’re thinkers, we’re listeners – and we’re coders. That’s why we partner with a lengthy list of the best and brightest design agencies and marketing companies around, letting them do the things that they do best. And likewise – they partner with us, letting us do what we do best: take those amazing designs and intricate visuals and create the code that makes them function flawlessly.