Website Security and Penetration Testing

Jacadis (A local web security company) came out to our office to present on web security to our team at our weekly Beer and Code event.  It was a huge learning experience and at the end of the day we all took away a few basic practices to make web and mobile applications more secure.  Thanks to Doug and Grant for presenting.

Interactive Mapping for the Government

Interactive maps are being great tools for showing information.  Instead of simply dumping out spreadsheets or big data into a chart you can show it on a map and make it interactive.  A great application is big data pulled from census and other government statistical surveys.  

Our newest Droid App

And to top off the launch of a brand new site (see our previous blog post) we just launch another Android mobile app. This one is designed/developed to be both a tablet app and an phone app. You can download it in the app store

Great simple media player

Check out this great and simple to use media player from Yahoo. Check out the commercial license before you use it on a live website. Should make development easier. ~Joel

CSS Sprites

For a better way to optimize your site for faster page loading check this out.

Fun jQuery photo galleries

Thanks to Shauna for finding these great photo galleries. All galleries use jQuery and some use PHP for the backend.

PCI Compliance Goes Into Effect

If you haven’t heard yet all the major credit card companies are starting to enforce PCI compliance on anyone who has a website with e-commerce. PCI compliance is a very complicate task (unreasonably so) and a lot of people are getting hit with the new regulations. If you haven’t checked out your site to see […]