Responsive Web Design and Development

We have been doing a lot of web development recently that has a responsive design as well. It seems the trend to do a mobile friendly website (more a microsite) is fading away fast and our clients are starting to consider responsive as the primary alternative. We were recently forwarded this article by one of […]

Oct 14 2013

Switchbox Launches Columbus Goodwill Site!

Congratulations to Goodwill Columbus on their new site that just launched! Conrad Phillips Vutech did a fantastic job on the design and the overall user and testing experience. We were very pleased to work with them on the development of the website. The site is a fully responsive design and integrates with several of their […]

Sep 05 2013

Switchbox- One of the 2013 Torch Award Recipients!

A few months ago, Switchbox decided to apply for this year’s BBB Torch Awards. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Torch Awards are put on by the Better Business Bureau annually as a way to evaluate and award businesses for having high standing ethical practices. The BBB awards in four categories which is […]

Isaac Wiles Burkholder & Teetor, LLC Launches a Ne…

When the two Columbus-based law firms Isaac, Brant, Ledman & Teetor and Wiles, Boyle, Burkholder & Bringardner, Co. LPA, decided to merge, they looked to Switchbox Inc. to help them develop a new website the would reflect the culture vision and reputation for the newly formed Isaac Wiles. A merger of equals required some special […]

May 30 2013

Hunter Lott : Hire 2 Fire

Last week, our President, Project Manager and myself (Administrative Manager) had the opportunity to attend an event at Scioto Country Club where Hunter Lott was the key speaker. Hunter is a business coach who specializes in Human Resource practices. His presentations are informative, engaging and entertaining. Lott has traveled throughout the US delivering the dos […]

Practice Connection Launch

Congratulations to Kevin Snyder and Raj Sheth on the launch of their re-imagined site,! Kevin and Raj partnered with Switchbox and our friends at Blue Laser Design to not only re-skin the look of their dental practice sale and recruiting site, but to also completely overhaul the behind-the-scenes functionality. We not only made it easier […]

Is your jQuery stack too deep? It’s time to unheap…

The plugin ecosystem for jQuery has brought forth incredibly diverse tools for developers and designers to create state-of-the-art user experiences for their clients. Tools and services to find these plugins, however, has been traditionally lacking. Unheap has sprung up to fill that hole in the jQuery market by providing an organized and curated collection of plugins […]

Launched Marketing Site for in …

Switchbox Inc. launches the new marketing site for The site, a precursor of the fully developed and functional website due to be launched this summer, was designed by Blue Laser Design. The content was written by Lori Murray. This website is the initial marketing site of a unique new networking concept that will change […]

New Use for CSS and HTML

Check out a new use for CSS and HTML. Instead of having developers or designers creating image maps with multiple variations or having code libraries to dynamically generate images you can now use this. Stately is a font of states. For those of you not technical people just click the link and check it out. […]

Grow Licking County Launches!

Marketing the products of a business in an attractive, compelling way is hard. Now – imagine doing it for the land, buildings, infrastructure, business incentives and opportunities within an entire county. It’s what our partners at Peebles Creative Group were asked to do for the Grow Licking County Community Improvement Corporation, and they asked Switchbox […]

Switchbox recently worked with iForce- helped crea… Switchbox recently worked with iForce to create a new seamless tracking system for their national staffing projects. While iForce has been a client for a number of years they recently have been a victim of their own rapid success. Keeping track of projects in various states, with various vendors, for various clients, with various […]

Feb 25 2013

A Generous Thank You

Over the weekend, one of our Account Executives had our PHP Team over for a homemade dinner to say thank you. During the past few weeks our PHP Team has gone above and beyond, working late hours in order to ensure that two of our projects be completed on time. We would like to thank […]

Just Launched: Delaware County Bank!

The new look of Delaware County Bank is now online, and we’re happy to have played a role in its development and deployment. Working with the design and strategy team at Conrad Phillips Vutech, DCB’s online presence took on a whole new look: a completely new landing page, sections to feature timely offers and interest […]

Jan 28 2013

Eric Celebrates his 5 Year Work Anniversary!

What do you do at Switchbox? Lead Developer managing one of the .NET team in the company How long have you worked here? 5 years What do you like about working for Switchbox the most? Between constantly learning new things, surrounded by great and talented team, it’s a fast pace environment, and also a plethora […]

OSBA Receives The Luminary Award!

We are happy to announce that our client, The Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) has just won a 2012 The National Association of Bar Executive’s (NABE) Luminary Award during the NABE Communications workshop for their online OSBA Report. Their new OSBA Report was created by our very own here at Switchbox! The project was a […]

Oct 30 2012

Switchbox Moves This Week!

This Thursday and Friday (November 1st & 2nd) Switchbox will be closed as we pack up and move to our new office. Regular office hours will resume Monday November 5th at our new location :4500 Mobile Dr Columbus, Ohio 43220 If you need help with directions, feel free to call us directly at 614.334.9517

Oct 12 2012

Week 6: Things Are Looking Good !

The past few weeks, the new Switchbox office has endured many transformations but this is the first week we are able to visualize the final picture. This week all of the pieces are finally coming together and It feels like all previous weeks have led to this new and final stage of the new office. […]

Oct 05 2012

Week 5: Things Are Moving Along…

This week of construction is filled with many changes! We have received our appliances and cabinets, our plumbing is complete, all of our building inspections have been approved and we have planted 3 Japanese Maples on our property! It is very exciting to see everything come together, piece by piece. Early next week the drywall […]

Sep 20 2012

Week 4: Foundation

Week 4 of construction is a slow week for our new building. Before we can continue forward we must wait for certain details to arrive, like our cabinets and carpet. Because the inside of our building is at a standstill for the next few days, our attention is drawn to the exterior of the building, […]