Website Security and Penetration Testing

Jacadis (A local web security company) came out to our office to present on web security to our team at our weekly Beer and Code event.  It was a huge learning experience and at the end of the day we all took away a few basic practices to make web and mobile applications more secure.  Thanks to Doug and Grant for presenting.

Web Analytics Dashboard Layout and Design

As more and more companies start to build web enabled dashboards there are a lot of considerations in just how they look.  It's not just about color anymore.  Concerns range from how far from how high off the ground will the screen be, will it be accessible on a phone, and do you need to have a print version are all important considerations.

The Advantages of Shadow IT Projects

We are probably going to make a lot of IT departments mad by publishing this but we think it's an important subject to discuss.  "Shadow-IT" often has a very negative connotation and with all the press on vendors doing really stupid things that ultimately exposed companies like Target to cyber attacks we understand why.  However, Shadow-IT does not have to be dangerous and in many cases it's needed to get the job done at large organizations.  If you follow a few simple guidelines you can have security and a successful project without the hassles many IT projects face.

Interactive Mapping for the Government

Interactive maps are being great tools for showing information.  Instead of simply dumping out spreadsheets or big data into a chart you can show it on a map and make it interactive.  A great application is big data pulled from census and other government statistical surveys.  

Making Data Meaningful

The largest challenge with building dashboards and custom reporting is not getting the information.  It's about taking the wealth of information and making it meaningful.  Find out why miles per gallon, megabytes, and calories are completely irrelevant to your life.

What The Checklist Manifesto teaches us about Busi…

Atul Gawande's book The Checklist Manifesto has quickly become a business classic.  If you haven't read it an oversimplification of the book is that using a checklist massively increases quality and accuracy and prevents errors.  He works through how checklists allow skyscrapers to be built in months with a failure rate of nearly zero.  How pilots used checklists to make routine tasks like takeoffs become safer, and ultimately how they help in his industry, medicine.          

3 Keys To Getting Your Company Dashboard Up To Spe…

If you’re running a successful business you’re probably looking at some important numbers on a weekly or monthly basis.  While there are a number of names for these number reporting systems (Scorecard, Critical Numbers, KPI’s) most of our clients call them a Dashboard.  We’ve helped a lot of clients automate these over the years so we wanted to share a few common problems that clients develop when they use a company dashboard along with a few quick ideas to make them easier and more beneficial to use.

Working With Agile-Based Development - When You're…

One of the big buzzwords that everyone has probably heard of when working with, or working as, developers is Agile Development. A large sect of this methodology does not directly impact a client and is more how developers work, as such we will gloss over those for now. Agile, as it relates to clients, be they big businesses, mom and pop shops, or single-person operations, is excellent when it comes to getting client involvement, engagement, and most importantly getting a client what they want and need, whether or not they can articulate it without seeing progress as it goes on.

Fitbit As A Metaphor For Improving Your Business

People Seem to enjoy using their Fitbit; It Magically makes staying in shape fun. I hear people talking about how they won X competition or are ahead in Y group almost daily in our office. Yet, the Fitbit itself does absolutely nothing to help you exercise. It doesn't weigh anything, it doesn't suck fat out of your blood stream and it doesn't increase your heart rate. You just slap it on your wrist and go about your day like normal.   What it does do is measure progress against a goal with regular updates. This helps achieve a bigger result. Per this famous quote from Peter Drucker, "What gets measured gets done".  

Do Companies Have Bad Habits?

We all know that people have bad habits. Some people may bite their nails, swear, stress eat or drink too much coffee. We’ve all had our fair share of forming and continuing bad habits within our own lives. While we aren’t really sure why or how a bad habit is formed, it is clear that […]

Dec 22 2015

Switchbox Attends the Wendy’s High School Heisman …

We would like to thank Wendy’s for inviting us out to the Wendy’s High School Heisman awards last weekend in New York.  Our team had an amazing time meeting the high school candidates as well as the college Heisman Finalist.  Thanks to Rattleback for including us in the web development work for Wendy’s.  It’s been a […]

Benefits of Detailed UX Design

When we talk about user experience, or UX, we tend to think about wire framing. This is for obvious reasons: it is simple, cheap, and does a good job of conveying what we will provide to our clients. Even still, wire framing cannot provide the details clients need to make informed decisions and fully appreciate […]

Cross Team Development with Vagrant

Here at Switchbox, we have two development teams, focusing on different languages and technologies. On one side, we have a .NET team focusing on Microsoft technologies – Windows, SQL Server, and C#/ASP.NET. On the other, we have an open-source team primarily working with Linux, MySql, and Ruby on Rails. All of our developers are great […]

Our Favorite 404

One of Switchbox’s client, AppRiver, headquartered in Gulf Breeze Florida, specializes in email and web security and protects their users with the latest spam and virus protection possible. They offer web security, email encryption, and Office 365 backed by 24 hour customer support. Attention to detail can be found throughout and their 404 page […]

JSON-API: Convention over Configuration with Stand…

One of the most difficult things a developer faces is choice- which language, framework, method etc. and when to use something or when not to use something. The stress for most developers is palpable, and the choices are a crippling part of this anxiety. Enter ‘convention over configuration’. At its core, the concept of applying […]

Nov 04 2015

Switchbox Held 1st Book Drive- Supports Worthingto…

For the past two months, our team has been engaged in a friendly book drive competition to collect children’s books for donation to the Worthington Resource pantry. The Resource Pantry is a center that provides education and food to those in need. Their purpose is to promote the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual heal […]

3 Reasons Company Culture Is Important

Company culture has become a huge topic within organizations. Understanding what brings in good employees and keeps them around is an added advantage to an employer. While most companies, at one point, may have never even considered the idea, it seems like an unavoidable topic in today’s businesses as more and more potential candidates ask […]

Discovery Phase With Farber Specialty Vehicles

Switchbox is currently in the discovery phase with a new client, Farber Specialty Vehicles. Farber is a Custom Coach company located in Columbus, Ohio that has been building custom coaches for over 80 years. A large portion of their customers are in the health care field and their custom coaches are used as mobile health […]

The Hidden Cost Of Off-The-Shelf Software: How to …

Recently we were engaged by a client in financial services to help find a better way to track participants at their events. The problem was one we see a lot, this organization offered continued education for their clientele and they were concerned people were registering for events but not attending and then still requesting credit. […]