Load testing

Need to perform some baseline load testing? Check out this free online solutions here – http://loadimpact.com/ Test up to 50 concurrent users on your site.

Feb 27 2012

Thanks to Telerik

Evan just got us so great giveaways for our .Net Developer Lunch for this week. Telerik donated 2 “mystery” items for us to give to the people with the best submittions for newest ideas on jQuery which is our theme for this week. Good job Evan and thanks to Telerik.

Feb 05 2012

Check out our article in the Dispatch

We have two organizations to thank. First the State of Ohio for approving our economic development loan and the Dispatch for covering it. http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2012/01/31/tax-credits-could-bring-300-plus-jobs-to-area.html

Feb 01 2012
Show and Tell

iPhone development

A lot of clients ask us what it takes to build an iPhone app. Most people assume that developing an iPhone app is as simple as writing the code and pushing it to Apple or Google. There is a lot more work and a lot of things to consider. This article does a great job […]

Dec 02 2011
Show and Tell

How NOT to Design a Website

If you need to create a website, you could hire any old company to do it for you. However, you might end up with results like this (be warned – may induce epileptic seizures in sensitive individuals). …Or you could just hire Switchbox to build your site. Our work tends to be of much higher […]

Oct 24 2011

Easy AR with Javascript

After doing some digging, I’ve finally found a decent Javascript Library for Augmented Reality. It uses Flash to receive data from your web cam. From there, it looks for a marker in the video feed. From there, it can tell where the corners are. I took it a little further and threw our logo on […]

Oct 17 2011

Batch Install Applications with Ninite

Prepping a new computer with a fresh load of Windows is often a pretty tedious task – critical apps that take significant amounts of time to install (Visual Studio, SQL Server, Management Studio, etc.) mixed together with hundreds of updates and service packs with your odd mix of browsers, media, chat, and other random apps […]

Oct 10 2011

2011 Design Trend – jQuery Parallax Scrolling

How’d they do that? Parallax Scrolling is a type of scrolling technique that gives a pseudo-3D appearance and is truly eye-catching. This technique has been simplified with jQuery Plug-Ins. Check it out at http://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/01/03/parallax-slider/

Our newest Droid App

And to top off the launch of a brand new site (see our previous blog post) we just launch another Android mobile app. This one is designed/developed to be both a tablet app and an phone app. You can download it in the app store https://market.android.com/details?id=me.lifecubby.mobile.

Never a dull moment at Switchbox

What would you do if you had 55,000 new visitors hit your site in 3 hours? Apparently you would crash the worlds largest hosting company. :) Two of our clients made a huge press release today and there was so much traffic that their visitors were doing 5 searches a second for the last few […]

Aug 11 2011

Lightweight charting with JavaScript

Everyone loves charts – and more importantly, everyone loves fancy charts. So, what if you want fancy charts without a plugin like Flash or Silverlight? Highcharts is a very simple approach with striking results – a purely JavaScript solution based on top of jQuery. We’ve been experimenting with it at the office and are pretty […]

A better way to develop mobile websites

Matt at our office just found out that jQuery mobile 2.0 just got released. Check out http://jquerymobile.com/blog/2011/08/03/jquery-mobile-beta-2-released/ for more info. We are constantly building mobile websites and mobile applications for our clients so this is going to make it a lot easier. Too bad it doesn’t help more with building iPhone or table applications.

Aug 01 2011
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Speed up your start-up!

Ever turn on your computer only to wait for the a few minutes for everything to start up. You can turn off pesky programs by going to Start > run > msconfig > startup. It can be confusing to figure out which programs are important and which ones are just wasting your resources. Luckily, the […]

May 27 2011
Just for Fun

Destroy your website

Want to play asteroids with your website? Go to your site and then copy and page this into your browser. javascript:var s=document.createElement(‘script’);s.type=’text/javascript’;document.body.appendChild(s);s.src=’http://erkie.github.com/asteroids.min.js’;void(0)

May 20 2011
Show and Tell

Try the latest GPS based mobile app

Hey if you haven’t seen this application yet make sure you check out PhoneTag for the Droid, iPhone, and Blackberry. A good article about it is here…http://www.filecluster.com/iPhone/Ripple-PhoneTag-151368.html and you can be to the main website here. Switchbox helped develop the application and the websites. The best part is that it is funded and created by […]

May 19 2011

What SQL LINQ is generating for you

I know a big concern with software developers who use .Net is LINQ. It’s a great innovation with software but some times you don’t have the control over it you want. For instance, what SQL actually gets generated from a LINQ expression? One of our developers asked that question, found the answer and created a […]